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Ekta ka Raaj Chalega – Muslim Hindu saath Chalega


The rights of a community without leadership in democracy always remain unprotected, its been more than 70 years since the country got freedom but even today, the Dalits, the most backward and the Muslims and other deprived classes are looking for solutions to their basic problems. If the effect of happiness, prosperity and development does not reach the hut of the poor then it cannot be called progress and growth. Many governments have come and gone but the fundamental problems of the common man remain the intact. Gairon ki Hukumat thi jab bhi Muflis ke liye araam na tha, Apno ki Hukumat hai ab bhi muflis ke liye araam nahi hai. Our country was liberated from the slavery of the British after great sacrifices, people of all religions, castes, classes and communities participated shoulder-to-shoulder and step by step in the freedom struggle and gave unmatched sacrifice to achieve independence. There was a dream, a dream that after independence Swarajya would prevail, the Ganges of development would flow, prosperity would come, poverty and misery would end and everyone would live in peace and harmony. But this dream was shattered, even after 70 years the destination of Swarajya is still far away, everywhere there is anarchy, corruption and chaos, hunger and unemployment, communalism, laws are being dismembered, mob lynching, fake encounters are happening. Innocents are being implicated falsely, the number of people living below the poverty line is increasing, there is lack of basic facilities and the gap between rich and poor is increasing. The rich’s are getting richer day by day and poor’s are getting poorer. Wealth has been restricted to a few hands. Who is responsible for all this?


There is an unholy nexus in the country between the politicians, bureaucrats and capitalists. The wealth of the country is being robbed and the this wealth is going out of the country as black money, the value of our rupee is decreasing, the economy is being destroyed, the pace of development is also slowing down, farmers are committing suicide, children are dying in hospitals, Unemployment is rising among youths. There is an atmosphere of fear and worry everywhere. Even the basic necessities such as bread, clothes, houses, roads, electricity, water etc are out of the reach of the common citizen even after 70 years of independence. The condition of Dalits, Extreme OBCs and Minorities is further bad and getting worse with each passing day. In such circumstances, the country needed honest and dedicated political leadership.


Meanwhile, people were thinking to fulfill this gap of leadership of the marginalized section, “Ulama Council” came into existence on 4th October 2008 as an unplanned sudden mass movement and became the need of the hour and hope of the masses. In September 2008, a fake encounter took place at Batla House in Delhi and two innocent Muslim youths were killed, after which the Muslims in general and the people of Azamgarh specifically were being targeted it became difficult for the youth to go out for jobs, studies or business. Everyone was being suspected and people were forced to live in an atmosphere of fear be it a Hindu or a Muslim? The natives were being harassed in the name of Azamgarh. Discrimination was being done in renting properties, jobs, at railway station and airports. In this difficult time, Ulama-e-Keram (Intellectuals) came forward and decided to start resistance movement which was named “Ulama Council” on 4th October 2008 and Maulana Amir Rashadi Madni was voted as the Convenor unanimously as it was his initiative to start this movement of resistance and since that time the council has emerged as a strong voice against tyranny and exploitation.Later on, the Ulama Council was evolved in to “Rashtriya Ulama Council” officially and got registered as a recognized political party with the election commission of India. Rashtriya Ulama Council is not just another political party; Its a Tehreek, An Andolan, a movement of the masses, a struggle and a mission. This movement is against every oppression and tyranny, it is a fight for justice, it is the voice of the voiceless, the innocent victims and the poor’s, it is the hope of the downtrodden and the cry of the oppressed, it is a revolution to give up political slavery and awaken the consciousness of self determined independent politics. It has given courage to the people, has influenced and inspired the youth and has lit a lamp of hope for the future. Madarson se qadam Ulama ke jab bahar nikal aaye, To meri Qaum ke bachchon ke bal-o-par nikal aaye, Khilaf-e-zulm jab awaz di Ulama Council ne, Kafan bandhe hue bachchon ke lakhon sar nikal aaye!


In democracy, without a strong and honest political leadership, the problems of the people and community cannot be solved; the solution to the problems faced by the minorities, most backward and other deprived sections of the society today is only in strong political leadership. The Muslims, the minorities and other deprived sections of India have been feeling the need of a political party for a long time which would work with independent thought and free them from political slavery and connect them with credible and firm leadership, a party which has representation from all the classes of the society and whose doors are equally open to all the Indians. Our own political leadership can only solve our problems. Na Ham safar, Na hamnasheen se niklega, Hamare paanv ka kaanta hami se niklega The minorities and other weaker sections of the society have been fooled till date, many messiahs came, promised with their rhetoric’s and went away with votes and forgot. We need to make fundamental change in the system and that is only possible with representation. Even today the villages, where the real India resides is deprived of basic facilities, no roads, no electricity, no water, no school, no hospital. What kind of development and progress is this? The condition of Muslims as a community is the worst. Their population is deprived of the of the most basic things, instead they have been marginalized, ghettoized and treated as secondary citizens and their youth are deprived of employment, they are killed in fake encounters, they are implicated in false cases and have to face discrimination at each and every level as a community and are forced to live in inferior complex. Why this discrimination even after 70 years? Rashtriya Ulama Council is a movement which has stood democratically against the autocratic authorities and the system; It is expanding throughout the country by raising the voice of the victims and the voiceless across the country and has got justice delivered to many. RUC has helped the Muslims come out of the inferiority complex of being second class citizens has took them out of the political backwardness and taught them to raise their voice and fight for their rights democratically. RUC has set an example of fair politics based on morality by making alliances purely in the interest of the country and society at the district panchayat and state level without any monetary or personal interest. In a very short time because of the prayers of the elders, the efforts of the youth and the dedication and loyalty of the leaders of the council, RUC has created an identity of its throughout the nation and today its state state units have been established in other states besides Uttar Pradesh. Its activities in Maharashtra, Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Telangana, Bengal, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand etc. are proof of the public support.